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In three districts will be piloted a national model of practices "Getting it right for Every Child"

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Starting with 2016, in the districts of Calarasi, Falesti and Ungheni will be piloted a model of national practices "Getting it right for every child". In this respect, in November 2015, the Ministry of Labour, Social Protection and Family (MLSPF) launched an order, according to which the above mentioned model will be implemented by P4EC, with the support of MLSPF and the specialists of the three districts. This model will be finally extended at Country level.

The concept of this model, the implementing processes, and its integration in national policies and working practices applied in Social Assistance sector, Health, Education and public order, were recently discussed in a workshop, by the representatives of the three districts. The model ensures that all the relevant professionals collaborate using a common language and common prevention, evaluation and intervention tools, thus guaranteeing a secure, protective environment for a healthy development of every child. The national practice model "Getting it right to every child" foresees a personalized approach in working with children and youngsters, including family, applied to the general services (as education and/or medicine), no mater their origin, needs, risks and circumstances. This is a valid environment for every child, as it doesn’t start from vulnerability or high need only. Child’s welfare is applied to all services, specialists and practitioners, employees and volunteers working with children, including children’s care takers. The approach is also valid for the specialists working with adults, who are parents care takers, and for the whole adults’ community.

The above Model is based on two international models of personal and practical approach and was finally adapted to Moldovan reality. The first model is taken from Scotland, where it was piloted for 10 years in more regions, while starting with 2015, it is applied at national level. The second model originates from the USA, is applied for 20 years in 20 States and was recently extended in several European Countries.

The workshop is part of a number of actions developed by P4EC for the implementing of the "Getting it right for every child" model.

The event was organized within the project "Children in Moldova are cared for in strong and secure families", implemented by P4EC, in partnership with the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Labour, Social Protection and Family and 11 districts of the country, with the financial support of the USAID.

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