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Training workshop for the PANDA psycho-social assistance program moderators

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Moderators of PANDA program in 9 regions: Cahul, Călărași, Căușeni, Făleşti, Nisporeni, Orhei, Soroca, Telenești, and Ungheni, were trained on the implementation of the support Program for adults. It was tested in Calarasi region, and is currently being implemented in four regions.

Up to now, about 300 children were provided assistance within the PANDA program in the 9 mentioned regions of the country.

PANDA is an educational program with therapeutic elements for children and adults who are, or live in the same environment with alcohol dependent persons. The program participants will be groups of children between 6 and 18, and groups of their non-alcohol-dependent parents. The beneficiaries participate in various educational activities and can also receive assistance in individual or group sessions.

The participation of non-alcoholic parent along with the child develops the feeling of unity, provides common language and issues for communication.

The goal of the PANDA program is to shift the child’s attitude to his/her own and to the family’s situation, to model the child’s behaviour in the family, improve the psycho-emotional condition of the child from alcohol-affected family, improve self-appreciation, support the child to have better school achievements and to better relate with the peers in the community, preventing alcohol consumption among children, etc.

The PANDA program was launched in 2015 in 5 regions of the country, and extended in 2016 in other four regions. The program is implemented by Partnerships for Every Child within the USAID-funded project Children in Moldova are cared for in safe and secure families, in collaboration with the Ministry of Labour, Social Protection and Family, Ministry of Education, and LPAs of 11 pilot-regions.

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