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Foster Care in Moldova – new achievements and perspectives

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Foster Care Assistance Association (“Asistenţa Parentală Profesionistă – Suport pentru copii”) was recently registered in Moldova. The Association’s goal is to develop a professional network of family-type alternative care of children at risk. The association will act as a professional platform designed for all persons, organizations involved and interested in this area.

Irina Spivacenco, Chief Executive:

“The objectives of the Association are: to promote family-type care, namely, Foster Care, as this is an efficient family-type social service for children at risk; to develop FC, diversifying the types of placements and securing quality standards to meet the needs of all groups of children at risk. We will also build the capacities of different stakeholders, on the development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the FC service. Another very important goal is raising public awareness about Foster Care, as an efficient and useful alternative service”.

Through its activity, the FC Association will contribute to the consolidation of the Foster Care profession and the service itself, joining other networks of national and international professional organizations, and accessing financial resources of local and foreign donors.