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Summer school for the most active 200 children of Moldova

Friday, July 03, 2015

Members of 9 regional Advisory Boards for Child participation - ABCs (from the districts of Ungheni, Falesti, Calarasi, Cahul, Telenesti, Singerei, Causeni, Orhei, and Soroca) and the members of the National Advisory Board for Child participation – NABC got reunited this year within the traditional summer school, organized by the Association “Partnerships for Every Child” – P4EC.

With the occasion, teens could enjoy a good time together, share experiences and results achieved over the year and empower their abilities of monitoring and assessment of the local policies and programs based on child’s right protection.

The event reunited 200 youngsters – all members of these ABCs, which took participation in a series of trainings and socio – cultural activities, conducted by the local coordinators. According to P4EC’s Consultant in Child’s Participation, Natalia Semeniuc, since these ABCs’ and NABC’s creation, the summer school is being organized every year. „The Summer school is a good occasion for the members of ABCs to know better each other. We cannot help noticing how, year by year, these children become more mature. We are happy to assist at their formation as personalities, at the actions they take to help other children in our country and finally, at the welfare of many children and families in Moldova.”

Besides jokes and enjoying each other’s company, the teens learned more about the inclusive education, child’s welfare, the ways of promoting, monitor and report their own activities and the importance of collaboration with media. Some of the teens’ impressions are exposed below.

Aurelia Obreja, Orhei ABC member, student, grade 11, Mihai Eminescu Gymnasium of Orhei

„During these 4 days I’ve experienced a lot. I met new friends, I spent a marvelous time with a marvelous team. It was nice sharing experience and good advices. We also tried to put some points on the aspects regarding child’s rights. I’m going home with very good impressions, with a new experience and with a lot of things which I didn’t know, but I learned here about them. I’m now more informed and I’m happy for these 4 days in which I enjoyed life, sun and beautiful time.”

Andrei Palii, member of NABC, student, grade 11, „Mihai Eminescu” Lyceum of Falesti

„to be honest, I’m fascinated. There were only positive emotions! I’m thrilled about people that came here for us. It’s been an awesome experience for me. First of all, I should say that I’ve learned to communicate more efficiently. There were so many new things I never knew about. I’m turning back home a bit nostalgic … but very informed and eager to apply in practice all that I learned here.”

Eduard Groza, member of Orhei ABC

„This Advisory Board is very important , because what we do here is trying to help various children, experiencing different situations. We could listen children placed in Foster Care Services, we monitored them and even developed brief reports. I have good impressions about this summer school. I’ve learned here a lot and I’ll make use of the knowledge learned these days.”

Răzvan Ţurcan, NABC member, student, grade 8, Gymnasium of Saiti, district of Causeni

„Here are some of my impressions: fascinating, extraordinary, marvelous, enigmatic. It really felt … we were all together, there were children, it was a joy for the soul. We felt people’s dedication, the team spirit and enjoyed life, here, at the summer school. It was really amazing and everything very well organized. It was unique. Children were very friendly.”

Daniela Lupuşor, Falesti ABC member, student, grade 10, Gymnasium of Albinetul Vechi, district of Falesti

„This summer school was very important for me, because here took place a very intense change of experience and we all learned a lot of new things. I’m leaving here with my luggage full of knowledge, which I can’t wait to apply in concrete situations related to our Advisory Board’s future activity.”

Sorin Grosu, Falesti ABC member, student, grade 9, „Diomid Gherman” Gymnasium, district of Falesti

„I believe what happened here at the summer school, will help me lot in my future carrier. I feel that I have enriched my work experience and I think that it will be useful when we’ll have to right projects for children.”

Ecaterina Jurba, Ungheni ABC member, student, grade 12 „Alexandru Pushkin” Lyceum

„I have very nice records of this summer school. I liked practically, everything, from the day we came here, till this last day, when we are finishing the activities. In my Advisory Board I have very good colleagues, very receptive, open, positive, it is nice working with them.”

Igor Enache, Ungheni ABC member, student, grade 9 „Alexei Mateevici” Lyceum of Pîrliţa, district of Ungheni

„I am happily surprised about this summer school. I think that what I learned here, will be very useful for me in different life situation and especially, it will be useful for my further discussions with children. I also learned here how to behave during a TV or Radio interview. Today’s course on media was very interesting.”

Gabriela Stratu, Calarasi ABC member, student, grade 8, Lyceum of Sipoteni, District of Calarasi

„It was very interesting spending time at the summer school. We learned here many useful advices and methods of work with different children, especially children with SEN. We also learned new monitoring technics. We enjoyed our time, had fun and relaxed, and knew better our colleagues of other districts. I’ve never been to a summer school before, this is way for me everything was new.”

Mihaela Stratu, ABC member, student, grade 8, Lyceum of Sipoteni, District of Calarasi

„I find very nice this summer school. It is a wonderful idea. I met here people with a large experience, which was generously shared with us. I’ve learned how to make a right interview and how to behave at the interview, how to share knowledge with my colleagues of other ABCs. I’m leaving with very good impressions about people that surrounded us these days. They really love their job and they are doing it professionally. I loved everything and can’t wait to start my further activity.”

The action above was organized within the project “Children in Moldova are raised in strong and secure families”, implemented by P4EC in partnership with MoE, MLPSF and 11 district of the Country, with the financial support of USAID.

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