Project "Building a society where every girl and boy can reach their full potential with dignity"

2/1/2021 — 1/31/2024

The project purpose

Children are treated with respect and dignity as full rights holders in line with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child in the Republic of Moldova

The project actions will be carried out focusing on several major objectives:

At national level:

Foster synergies & coordination across sectors to ensure the protection of children's rights & their wellbeing, by the end of 2023 by:

  • Supporting the Government to review legislation to address issues related to violence against children and their wellbeing;
  • Supporting the MECR and the MHLSP as well as 35 LAs to expand and enforce the inter-agency cooperation mechanism on primary risk prevention to timely address the child's wellbeing concerns and prevent risks of violence;
  • Developing and implementing raising awareness campaigns.

At local level:

Enable 4 local authorities (LAs) from Cantemir, Cimişlia, Taraclia and Ştefan Vodă to strengthen their social protection system to timely address the child's wellbeing concerns & risks and to provide sustained assistance to children and families by:

  • Supporting 4 LAs to develop an effective and coherent social protection system by developing a range of family support and family type alternative care services;
  • Supporting 4 LAs to develop innovative practices (Mellow Parenting programme, Psycho-social assistance programme PANDA and other educational practices providing counselling and support) targeting children at risk, victims of violence and those left behind by migrant parents;
  • Strengthening child participation in childcare provision and scale up Advisory Board of Children as a child participation platform;
  • Facilitating sustainable partnerships between LAs and CSOs al local level to ensure the effective implementation of preventive and specialised programmes in 4 districts.

Cost of the action — 631.578 Euro

Donatorii proiectului:

  • European Union


  • Partnerships for Every Child
  • The National Center for Training, Assistance, Counselling &Education of Moldova