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In 2024, the “Better Learning Programme” extends to four new schools in Chisinau

Monday, March 11, 2024

Chisinau, 11th of March, 2024. The “Better Learning Programme” /BLP/ extends to four new educational institutions of Chisinau. In this context, on 11th-12th of March 60 teachers, managers and school psychologists from the four schools participate in a training for the implementation of the programme in the institutions where they work, in order to provide support to students in crisis situations.

Mr. Valentin Crudu, head of the Institutional Management Department of the General Education, Youth and Sports Directorate of Chisinau said “in the context of the humanitarian crisis, overcoming the stress factors in the educational institution represents a challenge that must result in the well-being of both students and teachers. This training aims to contribute to the well-being of teachers from Chisinau who will subsequently expand the support network and ensure a favourable psycho-emotional climate for employees in the field of education, students and their families.”

Mr. Maher Daboul, education specialist at NRC declared that “the training aims to support teachers with various skills, to enhance their ability to promote the recovery and well-being of their students, which will help create a more inclusive educational atmosphere in their classes. In addition, we hope that the BLP principles and exercises will help teachers recognise and manage their own stress.”

At the opening of the workshop, Daniela Mamaliga, director of “Partnerships for Every Child”, thanked the donors and local partners for their support and collaboration. “The results achieved since the launch of BLP in Moldova have shown that this programme is necessary and useful to professionals in order to manage and facilitate the inclusion in the school environment of children in crisis situations, including refugee children, in order to improve their well-being,” said Mrs. Mamaliga.

The “Better Learning Programme” was launched in Moldova in 2022 with several trainings at country level, training of trainers, etc. Since May 2022, BLP has been implemented in 20 schools of Chisinau, Balti and Cahul, with the participation of 328 teachers and managers and about 5269 students.

The event is carried out in the project “Improving the wellbeing of children in educational institutions of Moldova”, implemented by P4EC in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Research, with the financial support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany, as part of a partnership with the Norwegian Refugee Council.

BLP is a psychosocial support programme that can be integrated in education programmes in contexts of crisis, including humanitarian. The programme uses a holistic approach to support children's recovery from traumatic events experienced during conflicts or from the impact of displacement on both displaced and host communities by improving learning conditions. It mobilises children’s support network with the aim of restoring a sense of normalcy and hope. BLP is implemented in 26 countries. Research data shows that the participation in the programme helps children improve their ability to understand their emotions, communicate and self-regulate, thereby improving their well-being.

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