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Social transformations are achieved when they sustain over time and attitudes and values are held in a changed context (or paradigm), based on different assumptions and beliefs, and the system’s policies, laws, procedures, services, practice standards, structures and mechanisms are changed accordingly. We work to promote changes at the level of an individual, society and system that are pre-conditions of realising our vision.
  • Giving hope

    Giving hope

    Children, together with families, communities, service providers and authorities are agents of change in the transformative processes. We empower them to achieve positive and sustainable change, developing innovative services that give hope to every child, family and community...

  • Inspiring systemic change

    Inspiring systemic change

    We strive to ensure fundamental changes in the way children and families are treated and supported by professionals, decision and policy makers. We cooperate with stakeholders to have a good understanding of the context and design appropriate technical assistance, training and research strategies to help them to improve practices and policies...

  • Changing societal attitudes and values

    Changing societal attitudes and values

    Studies confirm the need for greater emphasis on social change to translate social policies into effective and sustainable actions that make a real impact on children’s lives. Social beliefs inhibit the willingness and capacity of marginalized families to demand and access services and the creation of a more inclusive social environment...

  • Building the evidence base

    Building the evidence base

    To be effective our programmes are grounded in children’s lived experiences and their particular contexts. Analysing the needs of children, families and communities we pinpoint the root of the problem and we design the most integrated solutions which bring about positive lasting results in the lives of children and families...