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Core projects

  • 1/5/2015

    For a violence free life for children in Moldova

    The project aims to improve the safety, wellbeing and development of highly vulnerable children, particularly those children who are living without adequate family care and potential victims of abuse, including sexual abuse.

Personal stories

Ana's chance
“We felt ashamed to go out, because the other children were pointing at us and telling us that we attend a school for fools…”

Going home
“…I thought what I was doing was for the child’s sake. But, if I could turn the time back, I wouldn’t let him go away from home and I would do the homework together with my child to improve the grades”.

She can’t imagine her life without her daughter
“ …a young woman of 22, who became mother 2 months ago. Although she has health problems (I category disability)”

Tamara Bodrug, asistent parental profesionist.
"I love children. I like taking care of them and having them around. I like the profession of foster parent, it make me feel self-fulfilled!".

Elena Diaconu, Foster Carer, village of Hircesti, Ungheni District.
"I promised myself to help children who have no family feel that they have a mother and a father".

Ecaterina Zgureanu, Foster Carer, Ungheni District.
"Being a foster parent means loving these children more than you care for yourself".

Lidia Sinighin, Foster Carer, Ungheni District.
"A child needs something that an adult can provide: love, affection, and care. All these can be offered by a foster carer".