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Ana's chance
“We felt ashamed to go out, because the other children were pointing at us and telling us that we attend a school for fools…”

Going home
“…I thought what I was doing was for the child’s sake. But, if I could turn the time back, I wouldn’t let him go away from home and I would do the homework together with my child to improve the grades”.

She can’t imagine her life without her daughter
“ …a young woman of 22, who became mother 2 months ago. Although she has health problems (I category disability)”

Tamara Bodrug, asistent parental profesionist.
"I love children. I like taking care of them and having them around. I like the profession of foster parent, it make me feel self-fulfilled!".

Elena Diaconu, Foster Carer, village of Hircesti, Ungheni District.
"I promised myself to help children who have no family feel that they have a mother and a father".

Ecaterina Zgureanu, Foster Carer, Ungheni District.
"Being a foster parent means loving these children more than you care for yourself".