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For the first time, a group of dads included in the Mellow Parenting programme

Friday, January 25, 2019

The first group of dads from Ungheni district had the opportunity to improve their knowledge and relationship with their children, participating in the educational programme for parents “Mellow Parenting”. At the end of the group sessions, the participants shared their emotions and experience acquired in the programme:

Oleg, “I admit that I was reluctant to participate in the programme at the beginning, because of the lack of time. However, now I am happy that I changed my mind. I have learned to pay more attention to my son, and we both find compromise when it is necessary. I have learned to listen to him, because the rule in the past was “I am the dad and you are the child”.

Andrei, “My care and affection towards my child has made me to accept to participate in the programme, because I realised that I don't know how to help him in his development, to learn to socialise with his peers. I advise other dads to participate in the programme”.

Radu, “I'm sorry that the programme has ended; I have learned many things and my views on being a parent have changed radically and my eyes have opened. The child felt comfortable with me in this programme, and I spent more time with him”.

Vasile “I have learned how to talk, behave and discuss with my daughter. Thank you for giving me this opportunity”.

The “Mellow Parenting” programme aims to support parents in developing their parental skills at different stages of child development, starting with the prenatal period and up to preschool age. The programme uses reflective techniques and practices to allow parents to address their personal problems and the child growth. A typical Mellow group lasts 14 weeks, one session per week. The programme is based on the principles of attachment, social learning and cognitive behaviour theory.

The “Mellow Parenting” programme was launched in 2016 in the Republic of Moldova by the NGO “Partnerships for every child” with support of the EU and the World Childhood Foundation. 280 parents from Cahul, Calarasi, Falesti, Nisporeni, Ungheni, Soroca, Singerei, Orhei districts and Chisinau have attended this programme and have been supported to enhance their parental skills and relationships with their children.

The programme is delivered in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, Labour and Social Protection within the development project “Mellow Parenting Programme” funded by World Childhood Foundation.

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