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50,000 EUR for Moldova to fight COVID-19

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

50,000 EUR (about 1 million MDL) are provided to the Moldovan Government by Síol Foundation from Ireland to fight the new virus COVID-19. The money is donated for the procurement of ventilation equipment, masks, protection equipment, etc., as well as to support families with children at risk.

The financial aid is managed by the NGO “Partnerships for every child” that will identify with the Ministry of Health, Labour and Social Protection the needs and priorities of the healthcare and social welfare system.

Edward Dunne, director of the Síol Foundation declared “realising the difficulties faced by Moldova, we have decided to provide additional support that will help the Government fight against the COVID-19 pandemic”. Edward Dunne also stated that Síol Foundation will continue to provide support to the Republic of Moldova to develop programmes and alternative services for persons with disabilities after the crisis finishes.

P4EC is currently implementing with the support of Síol Foundation a project that aims at assisting the deinstutionalisation launched by the MHLSP of girls with disabilities placed in residential care in the Hînceşti Placement Centre.