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Multidisciplinary teams in 4 communities will improve their knowledge and practices in ensuring the well-being of the child and family

Wednesday, June 26, 2024

On June 25-26, the members of the multidisciplinary team of Bardar village, Ialoveni district participate in a training to consolidate knowledge and good practices to support and strengthen families in their community. Similar trainings will be delivered by the end of this month for the members of the multidisciplinary teams of Vorniceni village, Straseni district, Hirtopul Mare village, Criuleni district and Cosnita village, Dubasari district.

Natalia Semeniuc, project coordinator, “Partnerships for Every Child”, declared “overall, about 60 specialists employed in social assistance, education, public order, health, local public administration, representatives of religious cults and active NGOs will attend this training”.

“We aim to strengthen the knowledge of all community actors regarding the social support service for families with children, especially the primary component, the child well-being indicators and family protection factors, responsibilities of community specialists in efforts to prevent the entry of families with children in difficulty, community mobilization, etc. In these four communities, we will create a friendly space for families with children, where specialists will carry out various activities for families and children. Mutual support groups, “public cafes”, sessions with parents on various topics, “parents' school”, etc. will be delivered,” Mrs. Natalia Semeniuc said.

All these actions are part of the piloting of an efficient model of the social support service for families with children that aims to strengthen the service and develop the primary component for ensuring the well-being of children, stability of families and reduce their reliance on specialized support/interventions. The piloting process is based on the data of a national analysis of the existing programs/activities of family support and strengthening, which was carried out between March and April this year, in Criuleni, Dubasari, Ialoveni and Straseni districts that are part of the Territorial Social Assistance Agency Center.

The trainings are delivered as part of the Changing the Way We Care (CTWWC) initiative implemented by Catholic Relief Services and Maestral International, along with other global, national and local partners working together to change the way we care for children around the world.

Our main global partners are Better Care Network and Faith to Action.

CTWWC is funded in part by the Alliance for Global Development (USAID) and the GHR Foundation.

Want to know more? Contact Changing the Way We Care at info@ctwwc.org or visit changingthewaywecare.org

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