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Supported by the EU was created work tools for the implementation of Makaton language

Thursday, November 02, 2017

A group of 14 national practitioners from 10 regions and municipalities of Balti and Chisinau started the piloting of Makaton language used in the work with children who have communication difficulties. Makaton language contains a vocabulary of 450 words, deciphered in symbols and signs, adapted to the Context of the Republic of Moldova, with the approval of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research, and with the support of the British Makaton Association.

The program piloting is based on work tools developed and adapted to the local needs, containing a guide and support cards. The experts of the British Makaton Association trained the 14 practitioners, representatives of the Psycho-pedagogical Assistance Service participating in the program. They newly trained specialists will receive trainers’ certificates only after at least one year of Makaton Language practicing.

Makaton Language is easy to be assimilated and used by children with communication difficulties, helping them to be understood by parents, educators, and family members. They are supported to easier communicate their basic needs and to integrate into the school and community.

The Program piloting is ensured within the project “Improving access of children with special needs to community support and education services within the first years of life”, implemented by NGO “Partnerships for Every Child”, in partnership with the Ministry of Education, Culture, and Research, Ministry of Health, Labour and Social Protection, and Regional Councils in 5 districts: Cahul, Calarasi, Falesti, Nisporeni, and Ungheni. The general objective of the project is to ensure the access of children with special needs, aged 0-7, and their families, to support programs developed by the project. The project with total value of 680,000 EURO is funded by the European Union.