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Inspiring systemic change — building capacities to change practices and policies

We strive to ensure fundamental changes in the way children and families are treated and supported by professionals, decision and policy makers. We cooperate with stakeholders to have a good understanding of the context and design appropriate technical assistance, training and research strategies to help them to improve practices and policies. We are building constituency for change; all our work is based on the philosophy of cooperation and consultation with all stakeholders to meet the real needs of individual children and their families in establishing good practice interventions thus maximise effects, avoid duplication and influence policy and practice.

Inspiring systemic change — building capacities to change practices and policies

We work with a variety of stakeholders, strengthening their capacities to develop more relevant and appropriate policies, laws, procedures, services, practice standards, structures and mechanisms to change children’s lives. We have supported the development of the National programme for integrated system of social services, the Social Aid Law, Social Services Law, Foster Care regulation and standards, Gatekeeping system regulations; we have facilitated the creation of structures such as gatekeeping commissions, centers for social assistance for children and families at regional level, national mechanisms such as professional supervision, case management, referral mechanism, community mobilization, etc.

Consultancy and training is one of our most important activity. We support central and national government and civil society organisations in different areas such as: policy design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation; social services strategic planning, development, monitoring and evaluation; reorganization/closing down large-scale residential institutions; building child participation; establishing child protection mechanisms and services; advocacy and communication; fundraising; project design, management, monitoring and evaluation; organizational management and development; HR development and management, etc.