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"Better Learning Programme" to support students in crises will be implemented in the schools of Moldova

Thursday, June 09, 2022

15 employees of the Republican Psycho-Pedagogical Assistance Centre and of district/municipal psycho-pedagogical assistance services will become national trainers in the implementation of the "Better Learning Programme" (BLP) in schools to support students in crises. They, in turn, will train other 93 teachers from all district/municipal psycho-pedagogical assistance services in the country.

BLP is a psychosocial support programme that can be integrated into educational programmes in contexts of crisis, including humanitarian. The programme uses a holistic approach to support children's recovery from traumatic events experienced during conflicts or the impact of displacement on both displaced and host communities by improving learning conditions. It mobilises children's support network with the aim of restoring a sense of normalcy and hope. BLP is implemented in 26 countries and research shows that participation in the programme helps children improve their ability to understand their emotions, to communicate them and self-regulate, thus improving their wellbeing.

For four days, employees of the education sector, under the guidance of experts from the Norwegian Refugee Council's Global Education Unit learn self-regulation techniques, including relaxation exercises, with the aim of reducing stress, improving wellbeing and improving concentration and attention in the classroom. Children and young people involved in the programme must be physically and emotionally safe and able to participate, regardless of their gender, origin or skills. The participants learn relaxation and self-reflection techniques, including learning techniques to improve their ability to concentrate and study better, as well as attention in the classroom.

The training is delivered by NGO "Partnerships for every child" in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Research and the Republican Psycho-Pedagogical Assistance Centre within the project "Improving the wellbeing of children: Better Learning Programme for the training of education professionals", supported financially by the Norwegian Refugee Council.