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Mellow Parenting Practitioners’ Day in Moldova

Thursday, October 11, 2018

The practitioners accredited in the delivery of the parenting programme “Mellow Parenting” /MP/ from eight districts of the country and Chisinau participated in the third workshop aimed at sharing best practices and building capacities within this programme. The event was facilitated by Mellow Parenting experts from Scotland.

The participants analysed together the videos produced at the mellow groups and focused on feedback from the perspective of dimensions and the “say what you see” approach in the parent-child interaction. They also addressed the effects of toxic stress on children and its relevance for the Mellow Parenting groups, shared the experiences of delivering groups and the lessons learned throughout the piloting. The Mellow practitioners also exercised the activities practiced by MP Scotland with parents and young people within the new Mellow programmes for expectant parents and adolescents. The event was productive, with a lot of new information and many positive emotions that will be transmitted to the next participants in the programme.

The “Mellow Parenting” Programme aims at supporting the parents to develop their parenting skills at different stages of child development, from the prenatal one to the preschool age and is based on the principles of attachment, social learning and theory of cognitive behaviour. The programme comprises 14 group sessions that include theoretical lessons, homework, video sessions, joint activities of mothers and children, such as taking meals, creative activities, etc.

The event was held by the NGO “Partnerships for every child” in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, Labour and Social Protection and Ministry of Education, Culture and Research within the “Mellow Parenting – for Healthy and Happy Children” project funded by World Childhood Foundation and “Improving access to community-based early years and pre-school support services for vulnerable children with special needs in Moldova” project funded by the European Union.

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