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Two hundred and eighty teachers will take part in the training programme “Teachers in Crisis Contexts – TiCC”

Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Two hundred and eighty teachers, psychologists and school managers from Balti and Chisinau will develop new skills in the active and quality teaching to students in crisis contexts. The training programme “Teachers in Crisis Contexts – TiCC” aims to ensure teachers’ wellbeing and prevent their professional burnout, thus contributing directly to a healthy, creative and supportive environment for students in educational institutions. This programme is part of the “Better Learning Programme” /BLP/, launched in the Republic of Moldova in 2022, with the support of the Norwegian Refugee Council /NRC/, in response to the humanitarian crisis and the large flow of refugee children.

Daniela Mamaliga, director of NGO “Partnerships for Every Child” said “the TiCC programme contains an approach that is based on the wellbeing of teachers in the school environment, a crucial aspect in the education of children, not only in crisis contexts related to pandemics, humanitarian crises, etc. The wellbeing of teachers and students is interconnected. They cannot evolve separately; they influence each other. As part of the training, teachers will gain tools to effectively manage the workload, relationships in school and address the emotional load. They will explore stress management techniques and learn to adapt to a complex relational context. In the long term, these skills will help to make the learning process a beautiful experience for everyone involved.”

NRC representative, Eka Gvalia, Regional Manager of NRC Moldova and Romania:

The training programme of the NRC “Teachers in Crisis Contexts” is a useful tool for strengthening wellbeing, intended for teachers in the context of the flow of refugee children in Moldovan schools and the high level of stress they incur. NRC is an independent humanitarian organisation that helps people affected by conflict and displacement. Since March 2022, NRC has been providing support to refugees and members of host communities in Moldova through its humanitarian intervention programmes.

The objective of NRC in the field of education is to ensure that children and young people have access to quality learning opportunities and that teachers have programmes and tools to build their capacities and professional potential. We work closely with children, young people, teachers, authorities and communities to ensure the relevance, sustainability, effectiveness and coverage of our education programmes.

The event is carried out in the project “Improving the wellbeing of children in educational institutions of Moldova”, implemented by P4EC in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Research, with the financial support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany, as part of a partnership with the Norwegian Refugee Council.

In May 2022, in the context of the humanitarian crisis and the large flow of refugee children, in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Research and NRC, the implementation of the BLP program was launched. This is a psychosocial support program focused on improving the well-being of traumatised children: supporting them to get a sense of normality and hope, strengthening their ability to understand emotions, to communicate them and to self-regulate. BLP has been implemented in 23 high schools in Chisinau, Balti and Cahul, for over 4000 children. In addition, a number of trainings have been delivered at country level, where 15 national trainers, 100 local trainers, and about 200 psychologists, teachers and managers from Balti, Cahul and Chisinau were trained.