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The MellowParenting educational program extends in other three regions

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The MellowParenting educational program for parents extends in Orhei, Singerei, and Soroca. Thus, on 15-18 May 2017, two international experts of the MellowParenting program are delivering training to the future practitioners for the three mentioned regions, who will be licensed to run this program. Following the training, the practitioners will be supported to recruit parents, and to conduct and assess group sessions with them.

Present at the workshop inauguration, Daniela Mamaliga, executive Director of Partnerships for Every Child, mentioned that MellowParenting came to our country from Great Britain, and that the program has been launched in 6 regions up to the present: in Chisinau municipality, Cahul, Calarasi, Falesti, Nisporeni, and Ungheni regions. “We are very pleased to see that the program is already giving the first results, and they are encouraging. It has received positive reviews both from the parents and from the professionals”, said Mrs. Mamaliga.

The goal of MellowParenting is to support parents in the development of their parenting skills at various stages of the child’s development, starting with pre-birth and till preschool age. The program is based on the principles of attachment, social learning, and the theory of cognitive behaviour. The program contains 14 group sessions that include lectures, “have-a-go” activities, video sessions, group mother-and-child activities, such as mealtime, creative activities, etc.

The results of the MellowParenting program run in Scotland in 2013 and 2014 pointed to a significant drop of depression and anxiety states of the parents, increase of their self-confidence, a drop of negative behaviour of children, of the number of conflicts caused by challenging behaviour.

The mentioned training is delivered by Partnerships for Every Child, in collaboration with the Ministry of Labour, Social Protection and Family, within MellowParenting development program funded by the World Childhood Foundation. The program is implemented in the regions of Cahul, Calarasi, Falesti, Nisporeni, and Ungheni under the EU-funded project “Improving access to community-based early years and pre-school support services for vulnerable children with special needs in Moldova”.

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