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Refugee families from Ukraine settled in Causeni and Stefan Voda districts will participate in a parenting program

Friday, June 21, 2024

10 community social workers and teachers from Causeni and Stefan Voda districts participate, for two days, in the training of trainers for the delivery of the “Parenting program for families displaced from Ukraine” to support refugee parents (especially mothers) from Ukraine. Future practitioners will deliver the program in their communities, thus contributing to support the displaced families and strengthen positive relationships with their children.

According to Irina Spivacenco, project manager, NGO “Partnerships for Every Child” /P4EC/, other 10 professionals attended this training in 2023 and have already delivered this program to about 500 parents and refugee children from Ukraine who are settled in Chisinau, Causeni and Stefan Voda districts. “This unique program has managed to contribute to improving the well-being of families and to strengthen the relationships between parents, grandparents and children, who are going through stressful situations and often do not cope with the problems they face. We are approaching the end of the project and intend to expand the number of trained practitioners, in order to multiply the good practices and allow a larger number of children and parents to benefit from the program, even after the completion of the project, taking into account the large number of requests from the participants,” Mrs. Spivacenco said.

The “Parenting program for families displaced from Ukraine” is a two-day course, structured in 4 sessions with parents, including joint parent-child sessions, which will help reduce stress and ensure the well-being of parents, encourage responsive and sensitive parenting, as well as support families to strengthen their relationships and spend more time together, in an encouraging and fun environment. The program also includes activities that parents can try at home, and encourages group participants to keep in touch with each other, between sessions and after their completion to create a support group.

The program will be delivered in Moldova until June 2024. So far, 560 displaced and native families from the three regions have been supported through this program.

The training is organized within the project “Integrated humanitarian response in Ukraine, Poland, Moldova and Romania for Ukrainians and third-country nationals affected by the conflict” funded by the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany through the Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe (DKH), implemented by the Alliance for the Social Protection of the Child and Family, in partnership with several NGOs, including P4EC.