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10 “Mellow Parenting” practitioners have been accredited to deliver the programme with EU support

Thursday, February 15, 2018

10 “Mellow Parenting” practitioners from 5 districts of Republic of Moldova received on Thursday, 15th February, the accreditation certificates provided by the UK-based “Mellow Parenting” organisation. The certificates were awarded at an event where best practices were exchanged with the participation of representatives of the project’s pilot sites.

The 10 accredited practitioners are from the following districts: Cahul, Călărași, Fălești, Nisporeni and Ungheni and were successfully assessed by the “Mellow Parenting” organisation. Overall, 14 practitioners have received accreditation certificates so far.

The results of the programme evaluation conducted by “Mellow Parenting” in the pilot sites were presented at the event. The evaluation showed that the mothers who attended the programme have become more confident in themselves, more patient, open, sociable and less depressed. They have also improved their relation with their children, realised that a child needs more than just food and sleep and this includes more nurture and attention. They said they have learned how to manage their emotions, prioritise the activities so as to offer more time to their children, etc.

In November 2016 – September 2017, 69 mothers and 69 children from the pilot sites attended the “Mellow Parenting” Programme. 42% of mothers were under 24 and 60% had only one child.

The “Mellow Parenting” Programme aims at supporting the parents to develop their parenting skills at different stages of child development, from the prenatal one to the preschool age and is based on the principles of attachment, social learning and theory of cognitive behavior. The programme comprises 14 group sessions that include theoretical lessons, homework, video sessions, joint activities of mothers and children, such as taking meals, creative activities, etc.

The event was conducted by the NGO “Partnerships for every child” (P4EC) within the “Improving access to community-based early years and pre-school support services for vulnerable children with special needs in Republic of Moldova” project, implemented by P4EC in collaboration with the Mellow Parenting and HealthProm organisations from the United Kingdom, with support of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Social Protection, Ministry of Education and local public authorities in the five pilot regions of the project. The Project, which amounts to 680,000 EURO, is funded by the European Union.

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