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  • 12/29/2014

    Partnerships for Every Child organizes a series of workshop on SAFPD capacity building

    On 22nd and 23rd December 2014 Partnerships for Every Child organized a workshop for the teams of Social Assistance and Family Protection Departments implementing the Family Support Service in line with the recently approved standards of quality and professional supervision mechanism

  • 12/23/2014

    A new Advisory Board of Children was created in Orhei

    We are proud, and we have a reason for that! It sounds a bit materialistic, but this is also a feeling of achievement, joyfulness, and, why not, pride, when, coming to the end of the year, we sum up our results and say enthusiastically: 180! It’s not just a number, it’s a result that speaks about our work, about the partnerships we managed to develop, maintain, and extend for years.

  • 11/21/2014

    Study Visit to Edinburgh, Scotland

    Representatives of Partnerships for Every Child (PfEC), Ministry of Labour, Social Protection, and Family, and local public authorities from Soroca, Ungheni, Orhei, and Falesti, had recently a study visit to Edinburgh, Scotland.