Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Olga Bobeico,
Foster Carer, village of Alexeevca, Ungheni District

"Love for a child determined to take up a noble profession. Being a Foster Carer means having much patience and more love to share".

Olga Bobeico, Foster Carer, village of Alexeevca, Ungheni District.

Olga Bobeico can be called a promoter of the Foster Care Service among the inhabitants of the village Alexeevca in the district of Ungheni. To prove it are the five foster carers in this community, who followed Bobeico family’s example to offer care to children in desperate need of parental affection. Their own children left their home in order to pursue education, and the silence that reigned in their home since then determined the couple to become parents, temporarily, for other children, offering them the best of what they can. This desire was also stimulated by a discussion with another foster parent, who is now community social assistant in their village.

Bobeico spouses say that they still remember the story of all children who stepped over the threshold of their house: how they were like in the beginning, how they developed, what they learned.

"Children are quite timid in the beginning, and their behavior is not always what carers would expect, but offering affection, using kind words, one may help these children significantly attach to their new parents, understanding them from a single word, listening to them".

In their turn, the foster carers are delighted to remember all children they had in placement, and even years after children leave foster families, their carers take interest in their lives.

Bobeico spouses say they tried hard and created all necessary conditions for the children to feel well in their families. Now they want to buy an automatic washing machine that will be of great help for their household, especially now that they have so many children in care. They could afford this machine, but they currently give priority to children – make sure they have all necessary clothes for school, provide other things children need, while a washing machine can wait. What is more important is the education for children – it will help them live a better life in the future.

Bobeico family advices all those who want to offer care to children in difficulty, to help them grow up and educate them with patience and much love.

The foster carer is confident: "Thus one can do much good that will be rewarded later, by these very children, who will return a good word and express their thankfulness".

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