Partnerships for Every Child is implementing the project “Children in Moldova are cared for in safe and secure families”

1/1/2014 — 6/1/2018

The project purpose

Partnerships for Every Child is implementing the project “Children in Moldova are cared for in safe and secure families” funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) that will last till June, 2017 and has the a goal to improve the safety, wellbeing and development of highly vulnerable children, particularly those who are living without adequate family care.

This project will consolidate the results of the previous USAID-funded project implemented by P4EC & EveryChild United Kingdom and create opportunities for national expansion and replication. The project will provide support to the authorities to develop a holistic system for strengthening and preserving family care for children and to ensure alternative family-based care for children without parental care.

Also the project has the role of promoting to profesionals, and wide public the importance of family to children, by engaging with various stakeholders to build capacities, strengthen coordination, build services, and win public support to child care reform stregthning the coordination in children’s best interest.

The project aims that

  1. By June 2017, across the country, 100,000 children who are at risk of losing family care, that are living with seriously inadequate family care, or are outside family care will have increased chances to stay with their strengthened families or be placed in appropriate, protective and permanent alternative family care;
  2. Prevent from being unnecessarily separated from their families 4000 children in Cahul, Calarasi, Causeni, Falesti, Nisporeni, Rezina, Singerei, Soroca, Telenesti and Ungheni regions;
  3. By June 2017, 3000 children who are outside family care in Cahul, Calarasi, Causeni, Nisporeni, Rezina and Soroca regions will live in safe and nurturing families.

The project will operate at national and local level. 10 LAs were selected as project sites, in consultation with MLSPF, MoE, LAs, UNICEF, CSOs. The Cahul, Causeni, Nisporeni, Rezina and Soroca LAs were selected as they have high number of children in residential care and are prioritized by the GoM for closure of institutions. The Ungheni, Calarasi, Falesti, Telenesti, and Singerei LAs were selected as they have a significant level of human resource capacities established with P4EC’s support in previous USAID- and EvC-funded projects; in these regions the project will pilot programs for family strengthening before replication to the 5 new regions.

The project will work with the MLSPF, MoE and other relevant ministries to strengthen national child protection systems, and to develop and improve social policies to address prevention of family separation and protection of children outside family care. The project will support these ministries to provide support, guidance and capacity building to all 35 LAs of Moldova to ensure that national child care and protection policies and legislations are implemented appropriately and that these policies are communicated effectively to the public. The project will also support 10 LAs to pilot family support and family strengthening programs with particular focus on the development of strong prevention programming aimed at keeping children in families and strengthening families’ skills and ability to care for their children; additionally the project will support the new 5 LAs to develop alternative family-based care for children and close down 7 large-scale institutions for children.

Project’s activities will directly target 7,000 children living in 7 institutions, in family-based care and in small group homes will be supported to be cared for in families and to attend community schools; will be supported to find a permanent family care option; and children at risk of losing parental care will be supported to stay with their families or find protective family-based care.

Cost of the action — 4,400,000 $

Project Donors:


Implementing party:

  • Partnerships for Every Child