Monday, July 27, 2015

A new family was born in Ungheni

Elena (the name is changed) was repatriated from the Russian Federation two years ago, after 16 years’ unskilled work. She used to live in Ungheni region, and because she was jobless and could hardly make the ends meet, she decided to flee abroad, seeking employment.

She left dreaming of a better life that she could offer to her child upon returning. The child was left with the grandmother.

Years passed by, daily concerns replaced her hopes that she had nourished upon leaving home. However, years after, Elena managed to improve her life, creating a family and giving birth to other three children. The little ones came in turns, in 2010, 2011, and 2013, and, although she had many difficulties to face, it had never occurred to Elena to abandon her children.

After repatriation the family was included into the Family support service, and was provided necessary assistance by Ungheni Social Assistance and Family Department. Elena and her four children now live in her parents’ house, together with her mother and brother.

“It wasn’t easy for them at the beginning, but being helped day by day, being provided all things they needed, from social canteen, clothes for the little ones, household items, to building materials for the refurbishment of their home, this family’s members managed in a relatively short time to achieve good progress”, said social assistant Ludmila Primac, who has been working with this case since September 2014.

This family was assisted and accompanied since then, being provided specialized support answering their needs. The family’s rehabilitation and social integration involved various specialists.

“When they came into the country, neither the mother, nor the children had documents in good order. Two of the children had Russian birth certificates, the third one had only a birth confirmation act provided by maternity hospital, and the mother did not have an ID. We have managed to obtain a temporary ID for her, but we will place all necessary inquiries to make sure the mother has appropriate ID. The children’s documents have been translated and transcribed in Romanian, and have been provided all necessary documents to make sure the family can be offered other support as well”, added the social assistant.

The children were prepared to attend a kindergarten, which they do now regularly, being offered a 50% discount for monthly fees. There are plans to obtain a 100% exempt of payment in the near future, and this will be discussed at the nearest meeting of the local council.

Much work has been done to improve the relation between the mother and her 18-year-old daughter who studies currently at a vocational school in the regional centre.

Supported by the Social Assistance and Family Protection Department, as well as by Partnerships for Every Child, the family was provided a washing machine and an electric heater, and is now ensured with hot water and heating in the bathroom and kitchen; their home was equipped with a new water supply and sewage system, while all equipment was fitted for free by “APA-CANAL” company.

The family will be provided continuing support, depending on the needs that will arise. They have two current priorities: to privatize their home and to connect to the natural gas system; the authorities are also offering necessary advice to the mother, encouraging her to find employment, so that she is able to support her family independently. The mother will also be supported in raising her children and building her parenting skills.

Although the family still needs encouragement and support currently, we believe that they managed to overcome their biggest difficulties, while the community resources will help the mother and her children to make their own future at home. The efforts made to empower this family have already achieved good results, doe to the collaboration of the specialists in social, educational, legal areas and other community stakeholders, who proved open-minded and eager to help, offering prompt support.