For a violence free life for children in Moldova

1/1/2015 — 12/31/2017

The project purpose

The project aims to improve the safety, wellbeing and development of highly vulnerable children, particularly those children who are living without adequate family care and potential victims of abuse, including sexual abuse.

The project will consolidate the results achieved in the previous Oak and USAID-funded projects (2010-2014), with a focus on:

  1. improving the legal and technical framework in child care and child protection and strengthening local capacities for its implementation;
  2. developing replicable community level prevention and protection approaches and services for highly vulnerable children and their families;
  3. supporting children to participate in the development of child-friendly programmes and services at local and national levels.

This project will enable translating the considerable policy progress into significant improvement of technical capacities at the national, regional and community level and ultimately delivering better care and protection to children. Further, the portfolio of locally available and easily replicable prevention and protection services, approaches and community level interventions should grow and broaden, in order to ensure that child protection is “owned” in communities and led locally. Finally, it is important that children and young people have a voice in shaping policies and services that concern them.

Cost of the action — 500,000 euro

Project Donors:

  • Oak Foundation

Implementing party:

  • Partnerships for Every Child
  • Terre des homes Foundation Moldova