Wednesday, June 17, 2015

A happy present and future for Andrei

Andrei is 17, and has a life experience for 17 years ahead. Today the boy and his brothers live with their father. Their mother left them due to incurable disease five years ago. The family came through very difficult times, but despite this the boys remained kind, sensitive, and united. Being overwhelmed by the loss of his wife, the children’s father no longer coped with material requirements and did not manage to provide necessary school support to the junior, for him to be able to keep up with his schoolmates. Andrei was institutionalized after short time, while his elder brothers had to find season work in the village or go abroad to be able to survive.

The family used to join up only on holidays and, quite seldom, on vacations, when Andrei could go home. “…And there was no greater happiness for the family, when everyone came back to the parents’ home”, says emotionally Mrs. Elena, Andrei’s teacher who guided the boy on the good way.