Reorganisation of the Cahul residential school (first and second phase)

5/1/2007 — 3/31/2009
The Project achieved a significant change in the life of the children and young people

The project purpose

EveryChild Moldova was supporting Cahul Local Public authority to reorganize Cahul residential school into a complex of community based social services for children, permanently or temporarily deprived of parental care. The Project Goal was to have increased the chances of children placed in residential care in Cahul to access high quality education in the community, integrate with their families and community by June of 2009.

The Key objectives were the following:

  1. To support Cahul authorities in developing community based social services for temporary placement of children deprived of parental care;
  2. To support social integration of children into the mainstream school, to reintegrate the children with their biological families, or to place them in alternative family environments;
  3. To consolidate community support to children and families, thus preventing child institutionalization.

Cost of the action — 279 156 euro

Project Donors:

  • Andreas A David Foundation

Implementing party:

  • EveryChild Moldova


The Project achieved a significant change in the life of the children and young people placed in the residential institution, all of the children being integrated into mainstream school and in community. The number of children placed in the institution decreased by 50% from the beginning of the project in 2007. At present there are 75 children who benefit from the services of the Complex. 54 children have been reintegrated in their biological or extended families. 26 have graduated the school and supported in their social integration.

As a result of the implementation of the project the profile and status of the residential school changed from an educational institution to an institution delivering social services. The placement centre is refurbished, equipped and fully operational. About 90% of the specialists from the residential unit were employed within the centre thus, making use of all the potential of the specialists from the Residential institution.

The new institution is entirely financed by the Mayoralty of Cahul. It is to be mentioned that these experience is a unique in the Republic of Moldova. that allows us to envision the replication of this model nationwid