Wednesday, December 17, 2014

She can’t imagine her life without her daughter


They say that when you are 20, life is only beginning, with all its beautiful moments and all that can make one’s life more pleasant, especially at this age when a person, although considers to be adult, from the physical point of view, has still a child’s soul: naïve and credulous, unable to foresee someone’s vile interests under the mask of smiles and cajolery, to which this young soul is, probably, not used yet.

This is also the case for Irina, a young woman of 22, who became mother 2 months ago. Although she has health problems (I category disability), Irina had perfectly healthy child who, as she says, is the sense of her life. They two are now situated in a specialized centre that provides assistance and support services to mothers, teaching them life skills. There are also other mothers along with Irina at the centre, who learn, along with their babies, to embrace independent life. They are helped there to develop mother’s attachment – this invincible tie that binds them forever to their children.


Irina was alone while giving birth to her baby. Unfortunately, her mother was not with her, she passed away 3 years ago, and her father was not with her either – he refused to support his daughter. After his wife’s death he started to abuse alcohol, and their relatives abandoned them. The child’s father as well.

Thus, with a baby in her arms, supported only by her own uncertainty, and with a disability she has to face every day, Irina became, against her own will, a mother, who, like a lioness, gained power to defy even her own relatives, for the sake of her baby. Everyone around her insisted from the very beginning that Irina solved her “problem” in the abortion ward.

The birth brought along a new life, new concerns, new problems, new deprivations. Irina was totally disoriented. She didn’t know how to take care of her baby, what to do when the baby was crying, but, supported by the social assistant from the maternity hospital, the young mother was placed into a specialized centre, where the staff teaches her everything – from how to give care to the baby, to how to manage her tiny budget that she receives as support from “Partnerships for Every Child” and Andreas David Foundation. The staff of the centre say that Irina is always afraid that someone will take her child away from her, and she makes all efforts to be a good and responsible mother.


The baby soon received Holy Baptismal, and the biggest joy was that at this Christian sacrament the relatives were present. Another good news is that within these two months the girl’s father returned, so after they leave the centre it will be possible that they make a family, together with their little girl.

The biggest difficulty is that upon six months of placement in the Social Apartment, Irina will have to leave and return to her home community. However, home for means a house that has absolutely nothing inside. Irina doesn’t need too many things – a crib where her little daughter could sleep, a washing machine that, as she says, could give her more time to take care of the baby. She is unemployed, and she would like to find a job, but before that she needs clothes for the baby, diapers, food and hygiene items, some clothes for herself as well.

There is a Moldovan proverb that says, “Man blesses the place”, and if there is love, there can be heard songs and giggles of children, there true values rise…

The representatives of the centre say that other three mothers are in a similar situation, and would also need support.

We offer bank details to people of good will, who want to support these mothers who decided to raise their children:

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