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Our people

Human resources are the most valuable resource of the organization. Total number of staff is 24 persons. P4EC has a consolidated team with vast experience, known to local and international stakeholders. The team has strong image created on the market of the Republic of Moldova, as an organisation that implemented important reform projects, provides consultancy, as well as deliver services to children and families. The team has solid relationships of collaboration with local and central government authorities and has a positive reputation among international agencies. The team is one of the main players in the civil society, being the founders/active members of different Alliances.

Stela Grigoras — Director

Stela Grigoras

Stela Grigoras is a PhD in Sociology, in the field of Children and Family Social Protection with over 12 years of experience in the organizational management and the administration and implementation of programs, including institutionally funded projects, intended to reform the child and family protection system in Moldova. Stela put an important stress on the collaboration with the Central and local Government of the Republic of Moldova, the civil society as well as the development of strong partnerships with all stakeholders in the field of child and family welfare for insuring the support of the reform of the residential care system, by developing and implementing high quality integrated social services, alternative social services, to insure the right of children to live in a family type environment.

Since April 2010 and until November 2011, Mrs. Grigoras was a member and vice-president of the Ad-hock Advisory Group on children’s rights and social services (CSS-CRS) by the Council of Europe. Since 2002 Stela is an active member of the board of the International Foster Care Association were she has also held the position of President (2008-2009) and Vice-president (since 2009 till present). Stela is also a member of the International Society for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect and the National Society of Social workers, one of the Founders of the Moldovan Alliance of NGOS working in the field of Child and Family Protection

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Daniela Mamaliga — Program Director

Holds a Master Degree in Social Communication and Project Management. Mrs. Mamaliga is the Head of the Programme Department. Within our team She is responsible for insuring that the projects are designed and implemented through community and children’s participation, within the provisions of all P4EC policies. The position provides effective programme and projects planning, monitoring and evaluation, and ensures that all reporting is provided in a timely manner.

Mrs. Mamaliga has vast experience in Programms Administration, including Human resources and budget management, the establishment and maintenance of work relations with central and local authorities, project partners, donors and civil society, the monitoring and evaluation of projects, lobby and advocacy. Mrs. Mamaliga has also national and international experience in providing technical consultancy in the field of social work, and the development of social services, development of programme strategies and policies, monitoring and evaluation of programmes, civil society consultations. She is a member of the International Society for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect and the National Society of Social Workers and the Association of free electronic press.

Svetlana Rijicova — Expert in Training and Professional Development

Svetlana Rijicova is a PhD in Psychology. Mrs. Rijicova has an outstanding experience and expertise in designing and undertaking studies, reviews, evaluations and developing methodologies, guidelines, reports and strategies in the field of social welfare. Mrs. Rijicova is responsible for the evaluating the training and development needs, setting up curricula for trainings, developing training materials, planning and providing trainings for the local authorities’ staff from all 3 raions included in the USAID Project. Mrs. Rijicova is a Professor of the Free University of Moldova.

Mariana Lupascu — Service Delivery Manager

Mariana Lupasco holds a Master degree in Social Work. She has an outstanding experience in developing and implementing social services for children and families in Moldova, in service administration, negotiation, supervision and building of partners’ skills in service delivery, working in partnership with the local public authorities, civil society and communities to ensure the sustainability of the services. She has also a vast experience in managing institutional projects including Human recourses and budget management. Mrs. Lupasco has an extensive professional expertise in providing training in Social assistance and child and family welfare.

Ana Palii — Consultancy Manager

Ana Palii is a national expert in the Foster Care Service, being one of the first professional who participated at the development and implementation of this service in Moldova. She has participated into the elaboration of the regulations and standards for the Foster care service, and the methodology for service provision in Moldova. In the same time Ana has extensive experience in reorganising large scale residential institutions for children, including the work with local and central government partners, civil society, communities, planning, developing and implementing the integrated social services. She has a vast professional expertise in developing and providing training in Social assistance and child and family welfare both at national and international levels.

Irina Spivacenco — Training Manager / Information and Communication Manager

Irina Spivacenco has a degree in Business Administration. She is an experienced professional in developing and implementing services of child welfare, service management, negotiation, offering supervisions and building the capacities of partners in Service provision. Irina is responsibilities include managing the implementation of the projects in line with the projects goals and Objectives and organisational strategies, working with local public authorities partners in civil society, communities) negotiating and reaching agreements on the projects activity, and ensuring the sustainability of services developed.

Natalia Semeniuc — Consultant in the development of social services and Child participation

Natalia Semeniuc holds a MA in Child Participation. She has a vast experience in implementing, monitoring and evaluating services both on local and national levels. Natalia was directly involved in the settlement and the management of the National training centre by the Ministry of Labour, Social Protection and Family as well as in the development and implementation of the National training programme and the methodology for trainings. She also participated in the development of National Strategy on Social Services in collaboration with the Ministry of Social protection Family and Child, and the Development of the Law on social services. In the same time she assisted the Local authorities in various regions of Moldova in the development of Local Social Welfare Strategies.

Ala Scalschi — Public Finance consultant

Ala Scalschi has a vast experience in managing Word Bank and DfID Projects and working in close collaboration with the Ministry of Health, Social Protection and Family and the Ministry of Finance in programmes focused on the reform of the Social welfare system. Within the organisation Mrs. Scalschi is responsible for analyzing existing financial mechanisms at local and national levels, identifying local and national possibilities for financing of new services and reallocation of funds from residential system to community-based services as a result to deinstitutionalisation of children, supporting local and central authorities in budget planning and financial management of new social services.

Tatiana Dnestrean — Project site coordinator

Tatiana Dnestrean has a MA in Social Work. She was large experience in implementing worked her way up through the development sector gaining skills and experience in programme management; working with and through partner organisations; advocacy and campaigning work; fundraising; financial management; strategic development and leadership; governance and accountability. Within the organisation he is responsible for the coordination of the implementation, monitoring and evaluation coordination of the Projetc activities in Falesti pilot site in line with the P4EC’s systems, strategies and budget contributing to the overall sustainability of P4EC Programme and the donor’s requirements.

Virgiliu Hangan — Project site coordinator

Virgil Hangan has valuable project management skills. He is also a licensed translator for English/ Rumanian languages. Mr Hangan has a BA in Foreign languages and MBA (Masters in Business Administration). Within the organisation he is responsible for the coordination of the implementation, monitoring and evaluation coordination of the Projetc activities in Ungheni pilot site in line with the P4EC’s systems, strategies and budget contributing to the overall sustainability of P4EC Programme and the donor’s requirements.

Anatol Mamaliga — Advocacy, Communication and PR Manager.

Anatol Mamaliga holds a MA degree in «Social Communication and Project Management. At present he is the Head of the Department of Communication Advocacy and Fundraising of P4EC. Within the organisaiton he is responsible for strategic leadership in communications and advocacy, development and implementing PR, Advocacy & Fundraising Campaigns, development and implementation of communication policies and procedures, managing the brand and corporate identity of P4EC, ensure collaboration with its partners and stakeholders is maintained to high standards. Mr. Mamaliga has a strong profile in Communication, Public relations, design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of PR strategies, as well as in the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of national PR ad Advocacy Campaigns.

Daniela Leahu — Fundraising Manager

Daniela Leahu Daniela has a BS in Marketing and MA in Fundraising, and benefited from several national and international trainings in Fundraising. She has participated in the development of the concept and implementation of several successful Fundraising Campaigns on local level. She has experience in developing and implementing market researches and communicating with donors at different levels.

Angela Caretnicova — Finance Director

Specialist in the financial management of the organization, development and implementation of budgets and reporting. Angela Caretnicova is the head of Finance and Administration Department. Her responsibilities include ensuring the budget support of the EveryChild Moldova Country strategy, expenditures are as planned and legally compliant. This includes the preparation, implementation and monitoring of the EvC Moldova annual budget and accounts internally and externally with partners and donors. Angela is an expert in Finance management, budgeting, budget monitoring and reporting to different types of stakeholders, national authorities and international donors.

Tatiana Cojusco — Finanace manager

Tatiana Cojusco has a BA in Accountancy. She has a wide work experience in Institutional grants financial management. She also has extensive experience in corporate accounting. Mrs. Cojusco is responsible for daily/weekly/monthly financial operations as well as the compliance with the requirements of all the financial Institutions.

Lilia Cresniova — Accountant

Lilia Cresniova has over 30 years experience in corporate accounting. Within the organization she is responsible for the day today cash operations, payroll, inventarisation of goods.

Constantin Cojocaru — Office manager

Constantin Cojocaru has a MA in English Language. Within the organisation he is responsible for the day to day running of the office activities, the logistical organisaiton of the events, the written and oral translations.

Vasile Prisecaru, Alexandru Cojocaru — Drivers

Vasile Prisecaru and Alexandru Cojocaru — are a professional driver with over 25 Years of work experience out of which 14 in international environment. Besides their direct responsibilities of insuring the safety of transportation of staff and guests of the organization within the country, Vasile and Alexandru have reliable experience in international driving as well as issues like customs clearance, currier, cash transportation, security.

Viorica Postolaki — Human Resource and Development Manager

Viorica Postolaki holds a Master degree in Management. Her responsibilities include development, implementing and monitoring HR policies and procedures, ensuring that the organization acquires, develops, manages and retains the right quality of staff, as well as facilitating an organizational culture where staff feels valued and are given the opportunity to contribute to the success of the organization and where they can maximize their potential. Viorica has extensive experience in HR management, recruitment, and development of staff, implementation of RM legal framework in terms of recruitment and Staff management, as well adopting EveryChild global policies and procedures to the local context and implementing them in line with local legal requirements.

Eugeniu Gamali — IT Specialist

Eugeniu Gamali — is an experience and skilled IT Engineer. Within the organization he is responsible for the smooth running of both the hardware and software, the daily back of documents, development of data bases and other software.