Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Home is the best place ever!

September 1st has signed the beginning of a new chapter in other’s 15 years-old youngster. Sandu1 has recently left the Auxiliary School of Nisporeni and turned home, in the natal village, accompanied by three classmates. All of them are again in the same class, as they all decided to continue studying and had chosen the professional school of the town. There young men learn the apiculture – a specialty thanks to which one day could have their own income.


Sandu says he doesn’t have favorite disciplines yet, but he likes practical hours and working in the school’s laboratory.

In fact, Sandu considers himself a lucky teenager, as he has the possibility to work, after classes, at his neighbor’s apiary. There he learned how to take care of beehives, how to feed the bees and how to tell real honey from fake. For his work Sandu is paid with 150 lei (about 7 $) a day. The young man manages well the money and spends it for necessary things like clothes, footwear, household goods and materials for the school.

Other than a good beekeeper, Sandu confessed us that he dreams to became a Mechanical Engineer and to drive his own tractor. He says it is “a better paid job and one can have many more opportunities to get a job, having learned this specialty”. This is why, Sandu is convinced that he’d continue his studies to get this title.

The youngster appears to be self-confident and says that his results are good so far and he would be able to pass the graduating exams.

The scholarship he receives allows him to buy necessary things and to invite, sometimes, his friends out.

Sandu has already some friends in his school. He says that it is good being in his new group of students.

However, Sandu’s biggest joy is that he can turn home every day after classes, although for now, his home is at his grandmother’s place.

"Home is the best place ever. I don’t miss the orphanage. I have already made friends here and I can do everything I want."

Grandson and grandmother help each other: he takes care of house holding and she instead, cooks good meal the boy missed so much in the residential institution.

As a child Sandu was taught, to please with little. This is the reason why Sandu speaks less, doesn’t have preferences and doesn’t like the differences at social, relational or familial level. The boy doesn’t show preferences in kitchen either. He doesn’t have a special meal, because everything that is prepared by his grandmother, is good enough. „…The worst is when you do not have meal at all” – admits Sandu, although he denies that had ever passed through this kind of period.

Sandu’s Family beneficiated of financial help from P4EC, thanks to which it was possible to procure materials to rebuild Grandmother’s little house.

In fact, while we were in a monitoring visit, Sandu was actively involved in this house reconstruction. The teenager has also a little brother, who is, at the moment, in his mother’s custody, and other two brothers that live with the father. Children maintain strong relationships and even if their reunion are rare enough, they have a lot of fun when meet each other, especially during the holidays.

We hope that with Sandu’s turning back in the family, holidays become more frequent and the four brothers’ meetings were not determined by certain festivities.

1 For privacy reasons, the names of all personages were changed.

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