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A home to help a family come together

Vitalie is 19.

Vitalie is 19. He studies at the Vocational School in Criuleni, where he learns to become a carpenter. In fact, his first work was a chair, which was highly appreciated by Vitalie’s professors, who are very proud of their student. They say Vitalie is a brave, laborious young man, who works passionately and achieves good results.

Even though he is only 19 years old, Vitalie understands very well the responsibility he has to carry on his own shoulders. Once left the studies, the young man should change his status – from student to “father” of the family. He should take care of his younger brothers and sisters, but this doesn’t scare him. After all, since he was little, ha had to earn the bread and feed the family, as parents usually obliged him to work. Vitalie confessed that, for the moment, he will put his energy in studying and will learn as much as possible from his professors, so that when he is out of school, can have the answers to all of his questions. Vitalie also admits that with a good profile he could manage to find a better job.

In spite of all the difficulties he passed through, Vitalie kept his innocent smile on his face and looks optimistically to the future. He hopes that one day all of his dreams will come true: for example, he dreams to visit other countries and know the other people’s culture… he also dreams to go to sea one day. But most of all, the boy dreams to have a house, where to gather his brothers and sisters. “It is not necessary to be great. It’s important to be a clean house, though, so that my brothers and I can live decently. I’ll clean it, if necessary.” – says Vitalie. The boy also confessed us that he won’t ever give up to carpentry. In fact, he already made some plans regarding the first gifts he would prepare for the brothers. For example, for Vasile he would make a easel painting, for the little Loredana, Vitalie thought to make a wooden doll. For the other sisters, Elena and Jana, would be good to have a lasting wooden table and some more chairs. The table will be that place that will gather all the brothers at the end of the day, and they would tell stories to each other, share joys and make plans. Vitalie even made some drafts with the windows and the doors of the house of his dreams.

Elena will turn soon 18 years old

Elena will turn soon 18 years old and that moment will be a decisive one in her life. She and her elder brother Vitalie, intend to take children in kinship care, so that Jana, Viorel, Vasile and Alexandru (who are now placed in an auxiliary school) and the little Loredana – placed in a Foster Care Service. So, Elena will be soon substituting the role of her mother.

"I feel that I’ll make things work. I’ve been through a lot to get here and I’ll do my best to keep my family unite", says Elena.

As their parents cannot, by law, take care of the children, they had to grow up fast and learn to take care one of each other.

"It was very hard living with our parents. There were many difficult moments we had to endure till we were sent to school.” confessed the girl. Elena studies at tailoring school of Criuleni and she is now in her practice stage that is held in Chisinau. This offers her the opportunity to work and the girl is happy to earn some money to maintain herself.

"Everything is very expensive in the city and, of course, I need some economical resources to maintain myself. But I love to work and I’ll make it", added Elena. Elena and her bothers dream to come stay together again. But this will happen only when they have their own house.

"… It is like a fortune! If you have a house, you have everything. It’s important to me to have my brothers around. I need to know how they are and what they need. Maybe I’ll let them go when they are all big and have their own families. Now they are small, but in the same time, they are big enough to listen to me and I know that together we will move ahead", confessed Elena.

Jana is 16.

Jana is 16. She is the one taking care of the four siblings from the auxiliary school. She helps them with the homework, and she wants them stay well. Jana’s favorite discipline is Romanian Language. Jana says she enjoys reading and from Romanian classics, she prefers Ion Druta’s opera. There is a story about two brothers and Jana says it is very much like her and her brothers story.

The girl wishes to become a seamstress in the future, although she does very well in music and dance. In fact, she takes participation in all scholastic and extra-scholastic activities organized in her school. Jana dreams of a big house, full of light. She and her brothers would plant some trees in the court yard, so that fruits like apples, pears and cherries never finish.

Viorel is 14 years old.

Viorel is 14 years old. His favorite discipline is Romanian language. He enjoys very much the poems of the National Poet Mihai Eminescu and “Childhood Memories”. He says that the stories of the little nasty boy, Nica, reminds him very much about the times when he and his brothers were playing all together.

Viorel intends to become a builder, like his brother Vasile. He would be the one in charge with the house cleaning and will prepare the meals for the brothers. Actually, he promised to prepare his brothers’ favorite meals: the best pizza and the best fries ever.

Alexandru is 13 years old.

Alexandru is 13 years old. His great desire is to stay together with his brothers, in their house. He dreams of a big house, so that there was a place for every brother.

Alexandru is a very diligent boy. He does well at school and his favorite activity is the Sport, especially basket. Although Alexandru is only 13, he already knows that after he finishes the studies, he will work as a driver. His big passion are the cars. Alexandru confessed that his car would be a Mercedes. He would be responsible for different procurements for the house and we will take care that everyone in his family get to the destination safe and secure. The love these children have for each other should be an example for all of us: although they were separated for a long time, they help each other and understand each other very well. The first activity the brothers plan to do in the future, is to plant some trees in their courtyard.

Vasile is 13 like Alexandru.

Vasile is 13 like Alexandru. They are twins and they have twin souls, twin wishes and sufficient optimism to stay positive when the elder brothers want to give up. Vasile’s great desire is to live with his brothers and sisters. He uses to say that “happiness in when one is with his dear ones”. Vasile plans to be a builder. He is very much interested in buildings and houses and he studies a lot about it. Vasile told us that after he receives his qualification, he will build a beautiful fence for the family’s house. He also wants to organize a small place for the little Loredana, where she will invite her playmates for a tea party.

Vasile is also brave in drawing. He is the one that drew their house and even the icons they would keep, like any Christian family does. Vasile admits that at the beginning he was just curious if he could realize beautiful drawings, but soon after that the numbers of drawings increased and this mad him think about to possibility to attend a specialized school, where he could learn to paint. Vasile says that he won’t give up to this dream, because it born out of a beautiful noble passion.

Loredana is the last child of the family.

Loredana is the last child of the family. She is 8 and she spent already 4 years of her life in a Foster Care Service in Criuleni. The girl has adapted easily to her new family. Even from the first days she started calling her educators as “mom and dad”. When Loredana’s brothers are asked about her, there are all having the same smile and the same emotion can be read on their faces. They’ve spent a very small period with the girl, but all the brothers admit that love her very much. At least she was lucky to live in a family. Although Loredana was separated from her brothers when she was only 4, she keeps in mind all of them and the rare visits are true holidays for all the siblings. Loredana says that even though she has everything and her new family loves her, she misses very much her brothers and wants to stay with them.

The other members of the family describe Loredana as a laborious, intelligent and friendly girl. She maintains good relationships with all the family members and is already helped by them to prepare for the school, as this September she will go in the first grade. From all the toys, Loredana has a be-loved teddy bear and she enjoys very much the stories with happy-endings. We all wish that her story comes to be one of them!

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